The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact


As a young man I remember looking out the window of the passenger jet returning to college in Fairbanks Alaska in the dead of winter.  Only hours earlier I had left home in the Deep South where the weather that Christmas had temperatures as high as eighty degrees.  On the ground slowly passing beneath me, were dark, desolate, bitter cold landscapes of snow and ice.

When the plane made its descent into town, the University of Alaska on the hills above Fairbanks could be seen rising up though the dark grey blanket of ice fog that had settled upon Fairbanks, as was usual this time of year.  With almost no sunlight and temperatures of sixty below zero, I wondered what in the world had possessed me to decide to go to College in Fairbanks.  I must have been out of my mind!  Looking back on my life now, it all makes sense, but then I had no idea who I really was and what my life was to become.

The University was a small college, and the courses were dull and uninteresting.  I was barely making passing grades.  I loved the outdoors, but in the middle of winter hunting and fishing had come to a standstill, except when it warmed to twenty below and my friends and I would go grouse hunting or ice fishing on the lakes south of Fairbanks.  This time of year there was not much to do, so we kids drove the short distance downtown to a street lined with bars to drink beer and play pool.

I remember during my first Alaskan winter that I wandered away from the poolrooms to get a little fresh air and somehow stumbled on a strange unexpected anomaly, a tiny New Age bookstore hidden away on a side street.  Upon entering, I remember feeling strangely at home with the wind chimes, beads, crystals and the smell of incense and bookshelves lined with books on reincarnation, Out Of Body (OBE), Near Death Experiences (NDE), psychic phenomena, UFOs etc. 

This strange new world opening up before me was so much more interesting and exciting than dull university classes that included two years of French and the dissecting of dead cats drenched in formaldehyde.  I could see that these courses had little relation to a degree in wildlife management I was pursuing.  I was especially discouraged because I was part of a family of ecologists and had grown up and was mentored by some of the best early ecologists and wildlife managers in the world.

I found myself devoting more time reading material from the bookstore and studying less and less my college work.  I began wondering if some of this is true, what does it all mean, what is life really about?  Who am I?  What is life?  I developed a burning desire to know the truth.  The more I studied what was to be my true calling, the further I fell into an existential crisis and deep depression.  After my third year in academia with my old world falling apart and my new world yet to emerge, I dropped out of college to live life my own way.  I never looked back.  I had always disliked formal education as a young man, but it was not until later in life that I realized why.

I came to understand that skills based education was really an indoctrination program to stifle creativity and interest in order to create obedient wage slaves to serve elite masters in government, business, religion, and academia, etc.  I now believe that a true educational system is one in which interest and creativity come first.  If we find and develop the student’s interest first, that student will naturally desire the skills to develop the interest further.

I believe that when skills are unnaturally forced on the student first, this has a perverse tendency to stifle creativity and interest, thereby dulling the students mind and emotions.  As it turned out, once I dropped out of the formal indoctrination system, I subconsciously and then consciously pursued an interest based system the rest of my life.

In two or three years’ time, I had extricated myself from this deep existential depression, and restructured myself through the practice of good mental and emotional hygiene that I had learned from books on Yoga and Buddhism.  I was always one to apply to my life what I learned.  It was not long before I began to concentrate on what evolved into my life’s work, the understanding of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

It has been an amazing life’s journey.  I find that my life has come full circle from an early interest in nature and ecology, to the study of exopolitics, then back down to earth to global politics.  What I found was that in order to best understand Exopolitics, I had to understand the UFO/ET cover-up.  I had to understand how a very few people could rule so many so well and even control national governments through global autocratic interlocking corporate networks.  It turns out that the two ancient symbols of feudalistic power, the Pyramid and the Phoenix, are just as relevant today as in ancient times.

The Pyramid represents top down control of humanity by a few individuals at the top, while the Phoenix represents the inherent chaotic nature of autocratic, feudalistic power.  Like the Phoenix, feudalistic civilizations are born of powerful, creative forces, yet as they evolve, sow the seeds of their own destruction and renewal.  It seems that the original creative forces, when they become well established in a mature civilization, then tend to control and suppress emerging new creative forces out of self-preservation.  The result is always the same, an eventual collapse of that civilization into corruption and mismanagement.

I now know that there is a better way, a better organizational structure for society, and that structure can not only be found among the more advanced extraterrestrial races, but very close to home in how the cells in our bodies are organized.  If our bodies suddenly reverted to the way our society was organized, we would not live very long when one part of the body got fat and other parts starved to death.  In fact, cancer cells seem to be an example of reversion back to a more primitive feudalistic organizational structure.

I have come to sincerely believe that both our bodies, and some of the more advanced extraterrestrial races, are pointing the way to a truly longstanding autistic society of continuous, stable, destruction, and renewal.  Most of the cells in our bodies have short life-spans of a few days, as is the case with red blood cells, but they are continuously replaced without a total collapse of the body.

In us, if we survive, nature seems to be evolving a higher order of fractal!  Somehow, through our electronic, soon to be quantum, social and communication networks, our individual minds will become one mind guiding our civilization forward.  A truly New World Order is now becoming possible without the dysfunctional inequities of the Old World Order that cause the instabilities in our current feudalistic societal organizational structure. 

In my sixties, I look back, and I can see how I have built my life to a great extent on the good works of others.  I now seek to repay this debt to society by assisting others to better understand themselves, and the greater reality to which so many are so uninformed.  I hope to return to a world that is a little better than I left it, because I have tried to live a life not just for myself, but for others as well.  I do firmly believe that all is connected, and that we all do eventually reap what we sow.