The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact


News - September 2015: Ed Komarek has written two more books in what he is calling the Enlighten Your World Series, since the writing of UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder. The second book is Fire In Nature, A Fire Activist's Guide and the third book is the just released Enlightenment: The Long Hard Road. All three books are free and are now linked to the series website: komarek.weebly.com

Book Cover

The disclosure book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder can now be read for free on this website. You can also download and read and share it on your device as a PDF file. The print version of UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder can be ordered from Amazon at the very reasonable price of $16.00.   

The print version makes a wonderful present for family and friends that will greatly add to their understanding of extraterrestrial contact.  I have decided to allow electronic free publishing and distribution of UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder in order to enable maximum worldwide distribution of this important disclosure book.  I still reserve the rights to print publication.   

As of 8/1/13 the print and Kindle distribution of the book has reached around 6000 readers, but this is not good enough for me.  I wrote this disclosure book to benefit tens of thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands of people. 

I have spent over 40 years of my life researching extraterrestrial contact and cover-up.  I expect to spend the last years of my life promoting this book that sums up all that I know, so that others may build upon my work.  I am what I am today because others before me put their work into writing, so that I have been able to benefit.  Now it’s time to give back to society.

I believe this book to be years in advance of most UFO books. It is important to me that that the book does not get lost among the large numbers of UFO books being published today.  This even as the UFO/ET community slowly catches up to the evidence and concepts advanced in this important disclosure book.