The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact


Rise, and Rise again and again,
Like the Phoenix from the Ashes,
Until the Lambs become Lions, and
The Rule of Darkness is no more.



This book is dedicated to all the courageous activists of the Occupy Movement, Alex Jones of Infowars.com, and Ron Paul and the Tea Party, both the left & right, who are determined to resist the imposition by the Global Elite of the so called and deceptively named Orwellian, ‘New World Order.’ This dark perverted feudal vision for humanity is in reality an attack on and an affront to; an enlightened vision of a truly New World Order based on Republican and Democratic principles.

If our leaders had not failed us in the 1940s and 1950s, the positive vision of Star Trek could now have become our present day reality.  In this book I will show that had our leaders embarked on a policy of openness and transparency in regard to extraterrestrial contact in the 1950s, rather than secrecy and cover-up, human evolution would have moved forward instead of backward and the earth’s environment protected. 

I will provide evidence in this book that the oligarchy starting in the 1940s chose to play to humanity’s dark side, in deciding to selfishly protect its institutions and special interests and control over the masses.  A UFO/ET cover-up was instituted and democracy and democratic principles subverted.  Those leaders and individual citizens that opposed the oligarchy were discredited, harassed and even murdered.

Fantastic as it may seem, rather than lead mankind to an enlightened future offered to us by ethical extraterrestrial races and civilizations, our autocratic leaders agreed to secret Faustian treaties and technological transfer agreements with less ethical extraterrestrial races, thereby creating the greatest national security threat of all time.  We can only imagine our future if overt space travel had become commonplace, with ethical ET cultural and technological exchanges bringing in a new age of enlightment along with exotic cheap non-polluting energy technologies.