The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact

Chapter 5
The Alien Resource Cartel


“Lunch with 5 top space scientists… It was fascinating… Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real… I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.”  President Reagan’s diary for Tuesday, June 11, 1985.

“The truth of the matter is, as you know, and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”  President Franklin D. Roosevelt

“There are within our world perhaps only a dozen organizations which shape the courses of our various destinies as rigidly as the regularly constituted governments.”  President Roosevelt’s son Elliot


I believe that the single most important obstacle to UFO/ET disclosure are global entrenched business interests working in concert with global intelligence and military interests.  Dwight D. Eisenhower called this kind of cooperation and collusion between global and national military and business interests the Military Industrial Complex.  He warned in the 1950’s that the MIC was a grave threat to constitutional government and democracy.

We believe that control over the UFO/ET cover-up and the exploitation of extraterrestrial technologies began in the hands of government and military officials through a working group called MJ 12.67 According to whistle-blowers Ben Rich and Bill Uhouse global entrenched business interests engineered a purge during the Nixon administration that gave these special corporate interests a multi-trillion dollar monopoly on the exploitation and insertion of alien resources into the aerospace industries and the public sector.  Col Corso in his book; ‘The Day After Roswell,’ describes in elaborate detail just how this introduction of exotic technologies was covertly inserted into aerospace and the public domain.

I have coined the name Alien Resource Cartel (ARC) to represent this corporate trust or monopoly as its real name has not yet been leaked to the public by whistle-blowers as was done with MJ 12.  In fact the leaking of material on MJ 12 may well have served to distract public and business interest away from focus on the Corporate Cartel and its activities after the spinoff from MJ 12.

Naturally, the reader will ask, where is the evidence to support this speculation about an Alien Resource Cartel?  I think the most important pieces of evidence comes from the testimony of Dr Ben Rich the past head to Lockheed’s Skunk Works. Ben stated before his death.

“There are 2 types of UFOs - the ones we build and ones 'they' build.  We learned from both crash retrievals and actual "hand-me-downs." The Government knew and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information.  After a 1969 Nixon "purge", administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector.”
“It was Ben Rich's opinion that the public should not be told.  He believed they could not handle the truth - ever.  Only in the last months of his decline did he begin to feel that the "international corporate board of directors" dealing with the "Subject" could represent a bigger problem to citizens' personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence of off-world visitors themselves.

Over the years the pieces keep falling into place.  I hope the reader appreciates that it takes many years of hard study into UFO/ET in order to glean bits and pieces of real leaked information out of the huge body of UFO/ET information and disinformation.  I have to put all these discreet pieces together properly to reconstruct the truth as to what is really going on.  It’s a very difficult and time consuming task.

The Admiral Wilson Incident was another important piece of information showing that corporations not governments were in control of these SAP’s Special Access Programs68 related to UFO/ET.  The Admiral Wilson Incident69 came about when in 1997 in a meeting with Dr Steven Greer and Dr Edgar Mitchell, Wilson was given codes to classified extraterrestrial related projects.  Wilson then investigated and was met by a team of corporate lawyers who were obviously serving as gatekeepers to these classified ET projects.  Wilson later denied this but Astronaut Edgar Mitchell later backed up Steven Greer.

As Greer informed a Portland, Ore., audience in 2001, Wilson said:

“I am horrified that this is true.  I have been in plenty of black projects, but when we tried to get into this one,’ he was told, and I quote; Sir, you do not have a need to know.  This to the head of intelligence Joint Staffs.  You don't have a need to know.  Neither did the CIA director and neither did the president.”

The very well respected and credible UFO/ET investigator Richard Dolan contacted his sources and did some investigating of this case and concluded that this event happened as described by Greer.70 Richard Dolan said: 

“I had known about this meeting before Greer published his account.  The information came to me through another party.  This other source, while not giving me Wilson's name, gave me some explicit information about the nature of the meeting (top level DOD official who met with Greer, then being denied access to black programs dealing with ET technology).

As I understood it at the time, Greer and Edgar Mitchell met with Wilson in April 1997, and that Wilson took two months to continue looking into the matter.  At that point, he reached the program but was denied access to it.  My source indicated that the primary people who denied Wilson were not even DOD personnel, but rather private contractors, mainly attorneys.  They told him that he did not have a need to know, and furthermore, that the only reason he got an audience from them was so they could determine how he learned about the program.”

I had a chance and talked with an individual who claimed to have a piece of a crashed UFO.  This individual recounted to me and others at an Atlanta meeting the following information.  This individual had contacted Warner Robins Air Force Base and showed a piece of an alleged crashed extraterrestrial craft to very interested representatives of the military and civilian defense contractors on base.  They were obviously working closely together.  This personal experience got me to thinking more about how this working together between private enterprise and government could be organized at it relates to ET technology.

I think clues to which corporations might be involved can be found not only from whistle-blower testimony and leaked and declassified documents but also in the nature of the alien technology being exploited.  It seems logical and reasonable to me that it would take a broad spectrum of expertise to understand and exploit such an exotic and complex technology as an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

I think that the multi-national corporations in the cartel can be categorized by the relation to the aspects of the spacecraft being exploited for commercial and defensive use.  The limited evidence seems to suggest that American multi-national corporations dominate the Cartel but other international European companies may as well be involved including those from Britain, Canada, France and Germany and Australia.

A spacecraft would imply the involvement of the major aerospace corporations. Lockheed Martin which owns the Skunkworks that was once directed by Ben Rich would top my list of defense contractors in this category.  Ben Rich’s testimony before his death seems to indicate Lockheed Marietta is very much involved.  I would also look back into old declassified and leaked documents for clues to other aerospace corporation that might be involved or to past corporations that have been bought out by present day corporations.  Dr Steven Greer has mentioned the names Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Boeing, Aesop Systems, EG&G.

The propulsion system of the spacecraft is based on electromagnetic and electrogravitic principles.  General Electric would top my list in this category because its name is mentioned in the 1955 Wright Patterson declassified document on electrogravitics along with other major electronic companies of the period.  Arch-debunker Phil Klass once worked for General Electric during this period in the 1950’s.  Many of these companies from the 1950’s have either disappeared or have been merged into other companies but clues to the involvement of other present day corporations can be found here.

It has been widely reported that the composition of the spacecraft is made up of very strong, durable and so called “smart materials.” Materials research has been dominated by petrochemical companies such as DuPont and Dow Chemical.  I am told that the Corporation Monsanto shows up on historical UFO documents. I had a CIA source years ago that told me he saw a spacecraft in a DuPont Facility and one in a Dow Chemical facility.  We could assume that these companies would be interested in suppressing any technologies that would depress petrochemical prices and a general global reliance on fossil fuels.

It takes highly developed computers and communication technologies to run and navigate a spacecraft.  Computers are essential to the operation of spacecraft and the worldwide leader in computers is IBM.  Corso gives some early electronic and computer component makers like Bell Labs that were involved.  Companies like Intel should be involved. 

Spacecraft have been reported to have weapon systems and electronic warfare capabilities.  Companies like Raytheon should be involved.  I was also given detailed information years ago on the specs for very advanced exotic star wars weapons systems being developed by Philips Laboratories by inventor James Black.

A very important name surfaced into the UFO/ET literature recently, that of Baron Jesco von Puttkamer.71   I think that this individual is critical to understanding the Alien Resource Cartel because after being brought over to the US by Operation Paperclip72 and as a young man he quickly rose high in the ranks of NASA and seems to be a very high level bridge between official government bodies like NASA, the aerospace corporations and American and German Fascists.

I suspect that Puttkamer may possibly hold a very high level post in the International Board of Directors alluded to by Rich and Uhouse?  Just look at the respect the classified world had for him as indicated by William Pawelec account of a secret meeting at Nellis AFB.

“The meeting was held in a heavily controlled room that was built like a Faraday cage making it impossible for communications to come in or out of the sealed room. “Briefcases, papers, pagers and any form of identification were not allowed at that meeting,” Annie says. “Only the generals could be recognized by their uniforms.  The tension was really high and Bill was surprised at how nervous the high-ranking generals were.  He knew something BIG was up. “Bill saw a private jet escorted by two of our military jets land on the tarmac. 

Surprisingly, this private jet rolled all the way to the building where the meeting was scheduled as the escort jets departed. “A very imposing man stepped out of the jet and entered the room.  He was relatively tall, and wore a very expensive European suit.  His shoes and briefcase were equally luxurious and there was an aide or bodyguard by his side.  His demeanor was very aristocratic and he spoke with a High German accent. “The room was electrified with nervous tension as each person gave his status report and answered questions.

When everyone had spoken, the German man thanked them for their good work and simply left.  He was never introduced nor identified in anyway.  It is believed he was Baron Jesco von Puttkamer.”

I decided to do some investigating into just who was this person and what role he could be playing in covert UFO/ET operations including NASA and SETI propaganda and cover-up operations.  He even wrote a SETI article.73

I suspect the Baron’s involvement in propaganda as well as aerospace, because of his father’s involvement in NAZI propaganda operations.  He would have been useful in the further management of NASA-SETI’s false narrative on ET contact.  General Electric assisted Dornberger74 who later worked for Bell Aircraft to get into Operation Paper Clip. Notice how these early founders of these Aerospace companies all had connections to each other so what Bill Uhouse says begins to make sense, that it’s all in the family. 

Interestingly enough I found that General Electric was involved in bringing other Nazis over in Operation Paperclip.  GE was a prominent general contractor for the early rocket programs and I suspect very involved in the super-secret electrogravitic and field propelled spacecraft program as well as public rocket programs.

I found some information on the Baron’s father and mother. 

The Baron’s father goes by the same name as he does as Jesco indicates the first born.  Baron Jesco von Puttkamer Sr. was born in Grunewald (near Berlin); March 19, 1903 his rank/position with the Nazis was:  Chief of Propaganda, he spent the years 1941-1947 in Shanghai China.  He was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment in 1947 at Nuremburg.

Baron Jesco von Puttkamer, a handsome, stocky man with a wide, toothy smile, was the only child of a Major-General and a half-Jewish mother who wrote erotic poetry and novels.  Before joining the Nazi Party in 1932, Puttkamer, taking after his mother, wrote for family magazines and advertising agencies.  In 1935, he worked under ‘party philosopher’ Alfred Rosenberg and rose to power as chief of propaganda in Shanghai where he tried to elicit understanding and sympathy for Hitler’s Germany.

He established his covert propaganda bureau in the penthouse suite of the Park Hotel and later in a villa next to the German church.  Von Puttkamer was often seen traveling through town in a horse-drawn carriage with his Korean bodyguard by his side.  At his trial, his attempt to portray himself as a reluctant bit player in the Nazi Party wasn’t persuasive enough.  American interrogators found him to be a “rabid Nazi,” and he was given a 30-year sentence.

I think Operation Paperclip is a crucial link between American Nazi sympathizers and German Nazis.  It is public knowledge that the Bush and Ford families had close ties to the Nazis.  I found it interesting to run across this praise of Puttkamer by then President George Bush in the following article.75 “President George E. Bush congratulated Puttkamer in a message to the gala:

“Outstanding accomplishments are achieved through dedication, integrity and skill. Bush said.  I appreciate all those who live by the principles of excellence. Your efforts contribute to the success of our Nation and reflect the true spirit of America”

The list of German Rocket scientists brought to the United States after the war from Germany is a very important window into exploring the fascist roots of America’s military-industrial complex, and the Alien Resource Cartel.76 Note the reference to the Baron being brought to the US in 1962.  Check out all the American aerospace corporations that this German engineer77 was involved in.

I would suspect there is also such a list of Nazi intelligence officials also brought over to build the United States Intelligence services.78

“When the JIOA formed to investigate the backgrounds and form dossiers on the Nazis, the Nazi Intelligence leader Reinhard Gehlen met with the CIA director Allen Dulles.  Dulles and Gehlen hit it off immediately.  Gehlen was a master spy for the Nazis and had infiltrated Russia with his vast Nazi Intelligence network.  Dulles promised Gehlen that his Intelligence unit was safe in the CIA.

Apparently, Wev decided to sidestep the problem.  Dulles had the scientists dossier's re-written to eliminate incriminating evidence.  As promised, Allen Dulles delivered the Nazi Intelligence unit to the CIA, which later opened many umbrella projects stemming from Nazi mad research. (MK-ULTRA / ARTICHOKE, OPERATION MIDNIGHT CLIMAX)

Military Intelligence "cleansed" the files of Nazi references.  By 1955, more than 760 German scientists had been granted citizenship in the U.S. and given prominent positions in the American scientific community.  Many had been long-time members of the Nazi party and the Gestapo, had conducted experiments on humans at concentration camps, had used slave labor, and had committed other war crimes.

In a 1985 expose in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Linda Hunt wrote that she had examined more than 130 reports on Project Paperclip subjects, and every one had been changed to eliminate the security threat classification.

President Truman, who had explicitly ordered no committed Nazis to be admitted under Project Paperclip, was evidently never aware that his directive had been violated.  State Department archives and the memoirs of officials from that era confirm this.  In fact, according to Clare Lasby's book Operation Paperclip, project officials "covered their designs with such secrecy that it bedeviled their own President; at Potsdam he denied their activities and undoubtedly enhanced Russian suspicion and distrust," quite possibly fuelling the Cold War even further.”

So we can see that Dulles circumvented even the President of the United States order and in so doing began the creation of a shadow government unaccountable to legitimate government even to the President.  The CIAs Dulles also seems to have been responsible for the wet memo also known as the burned document79 to kill President Kennedy.  Dr Michael Salla writes:80 

“Earlier in this investigative series81 I discussed the burned document and its genesis during the final months of Allen Dulles tenure as Director of the CIA.  Dulles and other MJ-12 members were responding to Kennedy’s initial effort on June 28, 1961 to be fully briefed on MJ-12 intelligence operations and UFOs.  Kennedy, according to a leaked Top Secret Memorandum titled ‘Review of MJ-12 Intelligence Operations,’82 requested Dulles to give a brief summary. 

In response and unknown to Kennedy, Dulles drafted a set of directives shortly before his November 1961 retirement.  Dulles’ draft document was addressed to another six members of MJ-12 requesting comments and their approval.  It had clear instructions that under no circumstance would any U.S.  President or his national security staff be briefed or given access to classified UFO files.”

I hope the reader can understand how complicated it is to understand this fascist cancerous Breakaway Civilization with its associated Alien Resource Cartel.  Many investigators both in the UFO/ET community and without are slowly pulling together the facts with the help of whistle blowing insiders who understand how dangerous the classified world has become to constitutional government and even earth human evolution.  The global criminality and fraud is just staggering and very difficult for people to wrap their minds around.