The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact


I was born into a family of early ecologists located in the plantation country around Thomasville Georgia, in the Southeastern United States. Herb Stoddard was one of the fathers of ecology, and a close friend of another father of ecology Aldo Leopold. Herb owned the plantation next door and was an early mentor and like a grandfather to me.

My father also going by the name of Ed Komarek, was the first major fire ecologist and was mentored by both Herb Stoddard and by Dr. Allee while studying at the University of Chicago, before he had to quit college and go to work as a museum collector for the Field Museum, when his father lost everything in the Great Depression.

In 1967 at the age of 17 I traveled to Fairbanks Alaska to go to college majoring in wildlife management, already knowing more about ecology and land management than most professors, because I had lived and breathed ecology since infancy. I found academia not only stifling, but demanding of obedience rather than free thought and creativity.

I found hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports like cross country skiing, much more fulfilling that college, and when it got too cold to get out much, I would go the bars in downtown Fairbanks to play pool and drink beer with my friends. On one of these cold 40-60 below zero days, I wandered out for some fresh air and encountered a small metaphysical bookstore on a side street.

When I opened the door to the warmth and the smell of wind chimes and incense, I felt right at home among all the books on reincarnation, tarot, OBE and NDE experiences, UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. I began to read these books and a vast new world began to open up for me eclipsing the life I had so far lived. In several years I had quit college, practiced good mental emotional and mental hygiene, and became a much different person than I had been before. I found myself solidly on the path to enlightment and universal love.

Now, nearing the end of my life, I wrote UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder because I so appreciated how I had built my life on the good works of others. I wanted and I think I have succeeded in writing a concise, definitive, credible book on exopolitics. A book that clarifies and defines the emerging field of exopolitics the same way that Aldo Leopold defined and clarified ecology with his book The Sand County Almanac, and as Eric Drexler did for nanotechnology with his book Engines of Creation.